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Where can I find my Order number? 

Your order number is sent to you via email when you purchase an advert through us. It is also displayed on the Thank You page after you purchase an advert through us.

Why on my confirmation email does it say I'm being shipped the advert? 

Unfortunately we are not able to edit the content of our confirmation email as such you receive a standard such email which assumes you just bought a product that will be shipped to you. Your advert will not be shipped to you, instead it will be put up in the store window(s) for the period of time you choose. We apologise for the inconvenience and are seeking to change this as soon as possible.

Can I add pictures to my advert?

Yes, simply purchase the advert as normal and then email us at info@advertme.co.uk while referencing your order number with your image attached and instructions for its use.

Can I add the company's logo to the advert?

Yes, all our adverts can be designed to accommodate a logo. As with adding pictures, simply email us with the logo attached while referencing your order number. 

When will my advert be put up?

We try to put up all adverts within 3-6 working days given the time needed for design, printing and distribution. Though in some cases this may take longer. We will notify you when the advert is put up.


Can I re-new my advert without printing cost?

Yes, simply email us quoting your order number and how many weeks you'd like to extend your advert. We will invoice you the required amount. Please email us before the day your advert is due to be taken down.

Can I see my advert before it is sent out?

Yes, we will send a copy of your finished advert to you before it is printed for you to check and change if you so wish. If we don't have a response from you within 24 hours we will take that as consent for printing.

Can I receive a physical copy of my advert?

If you would like a physical copy for other use, simply email us after purchasing your advert as normal and quote your order number. Let us know how many extra copies you would like. Each extra copy is £5. We will invoice you the necessary amount and send them to you.

What if the store/location I chose can't/won't accept my advert?

Generally this isn't an issue. But if this does happen we will email you with three choices you can make: 

1). Let us find another appropriate location near your original choice for you

2). Decide for yourself where else you would like the advert put up by us

3). Decide that you will put up the advert yourself so we will refund you the cost per week of said advert(s), not the handling fee of £2 per advert as this goes to printing, and we will post you your advert(s). 

What if I want to change my chosen location(s)? 

When we send you the draft of your advert, we will also confirm where you want us to put up the adverts. So you can choose different locations then.

Tips for my message on my advert?

Keeping it short and snappy is best. Our adverts are designed to work best when not over-loaded with text. Try drawing out your message by hand on an A6 piece of paper to see what it might look like before you send your final message to us.


If you are unsure about any of the things here or other

issues, feel free to email us at info@advertme.co.uk

or use the contact form to the right.


As required by EU law, you can be refunded within 7 days after your advert is put up if there is some kind of issue with the advert such as damage or anything else that may influence the proper effect your advert should have. 

If a store declines your advert, we can do a few things. Firstly, we can refund you the cost per week for the advert(s) that were declined and we will post you the printed copies of your advert to let you decide what you want to do with them. 


Please note that we will not refund the £2 handling fee per advert in this situation as we have already printed and delivered the advert. 


Alternatively we can also simply put them up in a nearby store or another location entirely if you wish. 

We will try to satisfy your demands in all situations. To request a refund, simply email info@advertme.co.uk explaining the situation and we work to sort out the issue. 

Refund Policy
Advert Policy

We reserve the right to decline any advertisement done through us if we feel it is inappropriate, offensive or illegal in any way. We will always notify you if this happens and work to sort out the issue. We will refund you if we end up declining your advert. 

Our service is designed only for local businesses, services and people to use. You must understand that the stores we go to generally only accept this kind of local advert so if you are unsure if your advert meets these standards, please contact info@advertme.co.uk.