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Place an Order

A step by step guide:



1). Choose a template, these can be seen in the images above (the price will not update until you have chosen a template, though which template you choose does not effect the price).


2). Decide how many adverts you want placed and for how long you would like these adverts up for. Please note that for orders under £30 we charge a £2 handling fee for each advert. This is shown when you go to checkout.


3). Tell us where you would like these adverts to be put up. You can give us the precise addresses of shops or general areas (e.g. Southwark, Near Oval tube station or Around Clapham Common etc). If you want a few adverts to go to one area, a few to another and the rest in another area then simply tell us in the Locations box. We will confirm these locations with you in an email and you are welcome to change them then. 


4). Create your message. This will be put onto your template, see Tips for your Advert on our main page for help with this. We will send you draft of your advert before we go to print where you can change your advert as you wish. 


5). Simply add to your cart. If you wish to place more adverts, simply repeat the process above. 



We aim to design a draft for your advert and find your locations within 24 hours. We will then email you with your advert draft and locations, you can then change both the locations and advert design as you wish. Please note that you have 24 hours in which to repsond to this email before we take that as consent for printing and delivery. The whole process, including delivery and printing, takes 3-6 days.


*Reminder- Our adverts are A6 in size and are designed to go into shop windows to help reach important customers*

    Template Number
    Number of weeks
    Total number of adverts
    Before you go any further please see both our Refund and Advert Policies

    Orders over £30 avoid our £2 per advert handling fee!